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The Luther City

Our city is amazing and there is much to discover:

Be it the many surviving buildings from the Reformation, the Hundertwasser Gymnasium,  the old inner courtyards, which have been lovingly restored, or the picturesque old town with its alleys and squares.

Martin Luther

Dr. Martin Luther

With his protest against the sale of indulgences  he initiated changes that are still having an effect today.
He has left its mark everywhere in our city and even after more than 500 years it is still as present as it was at the time of the Reformation.

Our surroundings

Not only our beautiful Lutherstadt but also the surrounding area invite you to a variety of leisure activities:
Hiking, horseback riding or cycling on the many specially created and well-maintained paths, do water sports on the Elbe and its side arms.
If you are looking for more urban experiences, then we recommend a visit to  Berlin, Leipzig, Halle or Dessau, all cities can be reached within 1 hour by car or train.

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